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Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation has been and always will be our primary focus in the MMO genre. We understand the extensive timeline for an MMO of this gravity, so while we wait we remain vigilant to newer titles.

The Future

Nexus refuses to remain complacent. We've witnessed many communities rise and fall in the span of half our community's lifetime. After analysis, we've assessed the lead cause for a guild to fail; stagnation. Progress leads to prosperity, our community is always looking for the next best thing, along with better tools and assets to assist us in our journey. This page elaborates on our goals for Nexus and what we would like to see more of for the months to come.

Upcoming MMO's

There is a multitude of upcoming MMOs on our radar. It’s our primary goal to do substantial research into each of these games to determine which would be best suited for our community.

What's in Development

Evolve Structure

Guild Nexus continues to evaluate and have discussions regarding what works best. Identifying proper tactics when going into future games, proper diplomacy, and proper recruitment methods. Having learnt from prior oversight, we are a community that has capitalized on our faults. Every second that's put into our guild is a second used to improve our guild.

Establish Player-Base

For some guilds, members come and go, and the faults in that may vary. Our intentions are to formulate a long standing relationship with our members. Encouraging them to find a home within the guild while solidifying a trust with each other that can't be usurped by minor inconveniences. A stable community depends on members that apply themselves.

Grow Assets

With new games comes new responsibilities. A proper set of tools, resources, and guides will be the difference between us and the next guild. Our goal is to establish a multitude of useful and informational systems our community can engage in. Along with finding a strucutre we can utilize without needing to constantly change or adapt it to function properly.

Current Standing

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