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The Beginning

Guild Nexus began its story on April 20th, 2017. Created following the announcement of Ashes of Creation, our guild has been dedicated to the MMO genre ever since. Members from around the world joined our roster, creating a culture to help us pave our way into MMO’s.

Ever since, Nexus has participated in numerous Alpha and Beta tests across a variety of MMOs to strengthen our community’s experience in upcoming games.






Guild Leader



Frosty Coffee






The Basics

What We Offer

Nexus offers new members a reliable community that prides itself in our commitment to games, back by our dedicated spreadsheets and discord bots.

What We Expect

Members of Nexus are expected to push towards attending in-game events. Showing up is 99% of your responsibility as it gives you the experience to improve.

What's Our Intentions?

Our objective is to become a primal force within the MMO community, driven by our members and dedicated towards acquiring various achievements to our name.

Meticulous sheets & custom discord bots

To Elaborate

With hundreds of hours invested into our sheets and discord bots, we provide our members with the organization and tools required to succeed. Guild Nexus is concise and focused on tracking attendance, delegating tasks, and managing our resources in high-octane MMO situations as we pride ourselves in roster management. Our guides and tools help our roster keep track of crucial information.

Members who persevere & are dedicated

To Elaborate

Being part of a large community can be quite daunting, especially when you are new, however we encourage our members to focus on keeping up with the rest of our roster. Our members should strive towards rushing to level cap and prioritize end-game progression over other aspects of the game. This is something we expect all our players to do and naturally, we will help and support you along the way. We understand that everyone has a life and real-world issues takes priority over your gaming life.

Aim to be a primal force & an inspiration

To Elaborate

Since we are a relatively new guild compared to other veteran guilds, it’s crucial that we work towards obtaining the experience that we need to stand tall. This takes time and dedication, which can be accomplished with the members of our community working together. With the support of our members, nothing is impossible. Our plan is simple and straightforward: Being present in upcoming MMOs, Providing resources for our members to utilize and continuing to push ourselves with challenging content.

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