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What makes a strong community?

Our passion for video games is what drives Nexus to be one the best, and to become a powerful force in any MMORPG. We take care of our members to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience.

With leadership that is dedicated to achieve our goals, our members stand united. Our determination as a guild paves the way for success. We dont just encourage our members, we reshape them.

When it comes to organization, management and strategy, we stand out as players that go the extra mile. What sets us apart from the rest is our willingness to set our differences aside in order to win.

As a community that pursues challenges, we’re willing to expand our horizons. Whether it’s struggling to clear a raid, contesting a siege, or slogging through quests; Our members never give up.

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Nexus takes pride in our recruitment process. Assuring only players who truly desire to participate in our experience are vetted in. This allows us to properly cultivate our community and culture with ease.

Join Our Discord

The first step to becoming a member is by joining our discord server. This is our base of operations, all questions and communication is done there.

Fill Out Application

Depending on the Chapter you're applying to, there will be a written application to fill out. This application is a precursor to our vocal interview.


Our interviews are designed to allow us a more personal understanding on who is joining our community. It's imperative Nexus keeps a standard to our culture.


Acceptance isn't always guaranteed. Though, if the interview goes well, and you seem to be a good fit for the community, you will be happily welcomed in!


What is Nexus About?

A community for competitive gamers in all aspects, offering a place for players to grow and develop their skills and find out what teamwork truly means.

What is Nexus' Primary Time Zone?

Nexus has members involved all over the nation, but our primary time zones involve the Eastern and Central zones.

What is Nexus' Intention?

Nexus intends to be a competitive force in whichever MMORPG we apply ourselves to seriously. We have a number of great dedicated members and leaders eager to make a mark on the upcoming MMOs we’ll see such as Ashes of Creation, Throne and Liberty, Upcoming Riot MMO and so many more.

What are my requirements as a member?

There are few requirements Nexus instills upon its community, but our primary expectations involve our members giving everything their best effort, and doing their best to stay communicative with leadership.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the guild?

Nexus is a competitive community comprised of competitive members. As long as you remain on top of your character requirements and guild requirements, the time depends on you.

Are content creators welcome?

Content Creators are entirely welcome into our community. Though we do require that when streaming during delicate times such as GvG’s, Sieges, Small – Scale PVP, you put a delay of 15 minutes on the said stream. We understand the inconvenience, but we have to secure our intentions when it comes to sensitive information. This also means you have to be tactful in the things you say, conscious that important information isn’t used against us.

What is our standard on guild drama?

We have no tolerance for internal guild drama. Though drama in general isn’t uncommon, we do our best to snipe it out of existence through heavily invested discussion, allowing our leaders to operate as arbiters. As far as external drama between Nexus and another community, we welcome competitive banter, as long as it doesn’t cross boundaries.

How do I become whitelisted?

Becoming whitelisted isn’t a simple process. It takes time and dedication through the efforts of being present and active in the games we proceed to play. There is no definitive time on approval of promotion, but just know we are aware and watching those who are luminary and stand out, and will be quick to reach out when appropritate.